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Mid-Year Switch Made Easy

Mid-Year Switch Made Easy

Thinking of changing your HSA administrator mid-year? This can seem daunting, but Advantage Administrators can make it easy and worry-free. We will minimize the disruption of your plan and provide you with a simplified, thorough replacement.


Not only does Advantage Administrators have years of experience in servicing HSAs, we also have experience in providing superior customer service. With many resources to learn more about your HSA, you can feel confident with making the switch.

We also have benefits for our customers to make using your HSA funds easier:

Advantage Administrators knows that having these tools at your fingertips is essential to your satisfaction with your choice of HSA administrator.


Communication is key when it comes to making an administrator change, especially mid-year, and Advantage Administrators knows this. We take an informative and helpful approach to help you make your HSA transition with ease.


If you are considering making the mid-year switch, contact Advantage Administrators today for more information.

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