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2021 Employee Pandemic Wellness Trends to Watch For

2021 Employee Pandemic Wellness Trends to Watch For

Since March, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of changes to the workforce. Now, after nearly a year, Advantage Administrators has identified new wellness trends have emerged that employees may find beneficial.

Integrated Mental Health Offerings

More people than ever have been looking for help for anxiety and depression, both of which affect eating, sleep and employee productivity. Companies may consider adding mental health counseling or telehealth services to employee wellness initiatives to help with this. Employees should take part in this, regardless of their current mental state, as it could be effective preventative care.




Active Meetings

Sure, most meetings should be active in the fact that they buzz with conversation. These active meetings are different. As companies adjust to having remote and in-office employees, one way to encourage company camaraderie is hosting a “get active” meeting. Employees take part in a recurring meeting to get in some physical activity with their coworkers, such as yoga or walking. Working out has myriad health benefits across all aspects of life, making “get active” meetings an excellent choice to take part in.

Activity-Based HSA Contributions

Who doesn’t love getting paid to work out? Some companies have begun offering bonuses for physical activity that are tied to their health savings accounts (HSAs). For example, an employee could earn $1 a day for reaching 10,000 steps, another dollar for seven hours of sleep and an additional dollar for 30 minutes of exercise. These activities would be tracked on employee’s fitness trackers and, if all three were done every day, employees would earn $1,068 per year.


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