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5 Surprising Eligible Expenses For Your HSA and FSA

5 Surprising Eligible Expenses For Your HSA and FSA

A health savings account (HSA) or medical flexible spending account (FSA) can be used to purchase eligible expenses, and the list of things that are eligible is sizable and growing. For example, as part of a pandemic relief package in March, many over-the-counter (OTC) products that once required a prescription were permanently reinstated as HSA/FSA eligible expenses.

Here are five things you may not know you can use your benefits debit card for:


Feminine hygiene products

The CARES Act was designed to help Americans during COVID-19. Among its provisions, it reverses laws put in place by the Affordable Care Act that stipulated an HSA could only be used to reimburse accountholders for those OTC items for which they had a prescription. One important addition to the list of eligible items: Certain menstrual care products, such as tampons, pads and menstrual sponges.


Mental healthcare

Psychiatric treatment, substance abuse treatment, and smoking cessation products/programs are all eligible for your HSA and FSA funds. Psychological care is also eligible if provided for mental care (and not just for the general improvement of mental health, relief of stress, or personal enjoyment). If you need to travel to obtain mental health services, you can also use your HSA to pay for lodging and meals.


Alternative therapies

Acupuncture and chiropractic treatments are eligible for your HSA and FSA funds. Massage therapy is also eligible with a prescription. For the latter to be eligible, your doctor would need to fill out a letter of medical necessity.


Pregnancy tests and fertility tests/treatments

Whether you’re trying to conceive or trying to determine if you already have, you can use your benefits debit card to pay it. Ovulation or fertility monitoring is also eligible. Additional eligible childbirth-related expenses include:

  • Maternity support belts
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Breast pumps
  • Birth control
  • Vasectomies

Sunscreen and acne skincare products

You can use your HSA or FSA to put your best face forward. Because acne is considered a medical problem and not a cosmetic problem, you can purchase acne cleansers, gel and creams, even at-home light therapy kits with your benefits debit card. Use it, too, for visits to a dermatologist to assess or treat acne. And all sunscreen products are also eligible, including tinted sunscreen lotion and eye cream with SPF.

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