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Back to School

Back to School

Back to school time is quickly approaching, and this year promises to be even more hectic than normal. With the COVID-19 pandemic making so much uncertain, we at Advantage Administrators want to provide some guidance on how to keep your family safe at school and make the most of your HSA or FSA during this time.


What to Talk About:

Discuss with your children the importance of social distancing at school, wearing their mask, frequently washing their hands, and not sharing school supplies. As much extra work as this might seem for them, explain that this is the safest way for them to still be able to see their friends at school, rather than be stuck at home again with online classes.

Teachers and other school staff are going to be doing everything possible to keep kids safe and healthy, but making sure your children know what to expect and how they can help their classroom run smoothly will help everyone out this fall.


How Can MY HSA or FSA Help?

As of right now, consider the following:

“Disposable face masks cannot be reimbursed with a Flexible Spending Account unless you are provided with a Letter of Medical Necessity.  A Letter of Medical Necessity is only available if you have a medical condition that requires you to wear a face mask.

Disposable face masks can be purchased with funds from a Health Savings Account but disposable face masks are not eligible medical expenses and the amount withdrawn would be taxable income.”

Health Shopper and the FSA Store: Heath Shopper with Amazon and the FSA store have plenty of supplies to help keep you and your family healthy this fall. Take a look at their websites to see what they offer and get the most out of your HSA or FSA.


Contact Advantage Administrators today with any questions regarding your HSA or FSA and COVID-19.


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