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Benefits Mobile App Features

Benefits Mobile App Features

Your time is important, and never more so than during the holiday season, when family activities, seasonal celebrations, and more can make it difficult to complete important activities like administering your benefits.

But with Advantage Administrators’ Benefits Mobile App, now you can easily access important account information and control your health benefits from the tips of your fingers, giving you more time for the rest of your busy life!

With the Benefits Mobile App, you can:

View your account activity

Need to check the status of a claim you filed? How about the history of payroll deductions for the premium on your employer-sponsored health insurance or the contributions to your health savings account (HSA)? Normally, this information would be spread across multiple paycheck stubs and response letters from your insurance company, making it difficult to get a clear snapshot of your overall benefits picture.

But Benefits Mobile App users can quickly and simply log in to their accounts to view claim  statuses, payroll deductions, statements, and much more! And the app features user-friendly charts summarizing your account that provide a quick snapshot of your current benefits situation. That means no more cumbersome paperwork or misplaced documents and an efficient, straightforward way to get the big picture when it comes to your benefits administration!

Check your balance

Medical expenses can add up quickly, and that’s why it’s so important to know the balances on your HSA and flexible spending account (FSA), and that’s another advantage of having your benefits in the palm of your hand with Advantage Administrators’ Benefits Mobile App!

With real-time account balances for your FSA and HSA, now you can know exactly where you stand no matter where you are, making planning for upcoming medical expenses and scheduling your future account contributions easier than ever before! And our convenient charts, yearly tracking numbers, and real-time status updates help you monitor the investment performance of your HSA every day, right from your phone. When it comes to keeping up with your accounts, it’s time to start simplifying with the Benefits Mobile App!

File FSA and HSA claims

You’ve opened a FSA and/or HSA, developed a plan for making contributions, and have made regular distributions to fund your account(s). Now, you have a qualifying medical expense. At Advantage Administrators, we believe it should be easy for you to access these funds, and that’s why the Benefits Mobile App offers a paperless, time-saving solution for filing your FSA and HSA claims! Simply log on to use the app’s dashboard, complete the fields and submit your claim. And adding documentation for claims requiring more information (such as a receipt) can be handled with a snap of your phone’s camera—there’s no need to sort through a pile of paperwork!

Once your claim is submitted, you can feel confident knowing that the app’s immediate, real-time notifications will help you track the status of your pending claim, so you’re always in the loop! It’s simple, streamlined, and it’s what Advantage Administrators’ Benefits Mobile App is all about!

Make a payment

Today, you can pay nearly every bill online, and why should your health care expenses be any different? Using the app, you can direct a distribution from any account to your bank account to pay bills, all in a few short minutes. Need to make changes to your payee information? You can also add a payee to any transaction, so your money goes exactly where it should—and fast.

And best of all, our app protects your privacy at all times. Behind 128-bit SSL encryption technology and easy-to-use options for reporting lost or stolen cards and resetting your login credentials, Advantage Administrators is committed to making sure only you can access your benefits.

From monitoring account activity to checking your balance to filing a claim to making a payment and so much more, Advantage Administrators’ Benefits Mobile App provides an easy, accessible way to complete many of the most important and time-consuming aspects of administering your benefits—all from the palm of your hand! Download the app today in the App Store or the Google Play store, and visit our blog for more information on what you can do in the app.


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