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Communication and Open Enrollement

Communication and Open Enrollement

Open enrollment comes around once a year. Communication about benefits often comes shortly before the enrollment period begins. Why not keep the dialog going year-round? Sharing tips and tricks on how to use benefits would be beneficial to many individuals.


Benefit Explanation

When employees think of benefits, they often think of vacation time, work perks and retirement accounts. One of the biggest benefits an employer can offer is health insurance. Health insurance can often be overlooked. It is important to take the time to absorb, understand and think about which plan is right for you before making a decision. Many employees feel overwhelmed when deciding which plan is right for them. Terminology is often a barrier to understanding not only the plan, but how to use it as well.


Open Line of Communication

Open enrollment is often flooded with information. Keeping lines of communication open year-round will help employees better understand their plan and how to optimize its benefits. Creating resources that employees can reference and look back on would be beneficial; as well as creating content that is engaging to participants. Having a point of contact within the company to answer any questions would be helpful. Offering testimonials from participants can help individuals understand how plans would work for them.


Streamlining Open Enrollment

Creating an easy and uncomplicated enrollment process will help employees navigate open enrollment. Technology is a great way to do this. Making the process user friendly will be beneficial. Sending reminder messages and mailings can help employees remember to complete the open enrollment process.


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