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Debit Card Documentation

Debit Card Documentation

It’s the new year and it’s time to learn something new about your benefits from Advantage Administrators—or to make a new year’s resolution to learn more about the steps for documenting services or products you purchase with your benefits debit card! As you already know, whether you’re talking about your flexible spending account (FSA) and/or defined contribution plan, you have the option of using a convenient, user-friendly debit card to cover approved healthcare items or services.


And, for nearly all your expenses, just presenting your debit card is enough to satisfy the IRS’ requirements for documenting your given product or service as qualified under your given plan. But sometimes, more documentation is needed, and that’s why Advantage Administrators has created three simple, easy ways to submit requested plan documentation and move on with your day!


With any additional needed documentation, you’ll receive via email or mail a notice that more information is required. After that, you can:


  • Use Your Online Account
    • When you log into your online Advantage Administrators account, the alert on your main account page notifying you that more documentation is needed will also indicate the type of information that is required.
    • From there, you can submit your documents using the simple upload function in your account dashboard. Your submission will be confirmed automatically.
    • If further documentation is requested, you will receive a notice through the mail or in your email inbox.
  • Upload Documents Through Our Mobile App
    • Through Advantage Administrators’ Benefits Mobile App, submitting your documents for review is even easier! After receiving an alert in your app messages that more information is required, simply tap the expense you wish to document.
    • Select “new receipt” to begin the uploading process and use your phone to take a photo of the requested information. Then hit “submit” and you’re all done!
  • Fax or Mail Documentation
    • Prefer the paper method? Send the requested documentation with the notice you received requesting the receipt information through the mail or via fax:
      • Mail: P.O. Box 118, Waverly, Iowa 50677
      • Fax: 319-352-2610 or 319-352-4018


With every type of document submission, remember to send:

  • Your provider’s name
  • The type and date of the service
  • The cost of the service


So, when the time comes to submit documents for your debit card purchases, don’t worry! Advantage Administrators has you covered with three quick and simple ways to get the information you need submitted so you can apply your account funds to your purchases. After all, it’s your money! If you have any additional questions about submitting IRS documentation for your FSA or defined contribution plan, or if you’d like more information, please contact us at any time or visit our website for more information. With a benefits debit card from Advantage Administrators, using your benefits is easier than ever before!

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