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Eligible Expenses on the Mobile App

Eligible Expenses on the Mobile App

Modern life is all about convenience. We have smart-home systems to help us make everyday tasks around the house easier. Our vehicles can be started remotely with the press of a button. And now there’s a mobile app that makes managing your health benefits quick, simple, and fun!

It’s called the Advantage Administrators’ Benefits Mobile App, and it’s free! With this convenient, secure app, you can check an item and learn if it qualifies as an eligible expense under your health savings (HSA), flexible spending (FSA) or reimbursement plan. You can also easily submit FSA and HSA claims through a few simple online steps, view your HSA investments, plan for next year’s expenses, and so much more! Here’s how to get started—and everything our App offers:

• Download the free Advantage Administrators’ Benefits Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play.

• Quick log-in: With the swipe of a finger, or a simple four-digit code, you can log in and manage your benefits from wherever you are!

• View your account activity: claim statuses, payroll deductions, statements, and many other great features. Also, be sure to review the snapshot of your current benefits situation.

• Verify eligible expenses. Know for sure! Scan the bar code of an item and the Benefits Mobile App will tell you whether it qualifies under your existing plan so you can spend with confidence!

• Check your balance. We make planning for upcoming medical expenses painless with real-time account balances for your FSA and HSA.

• File and monitor claims. If you have a qualifying expense, just log in, complete a few fields, snap a photo of your receipt, and submit! After that, use the app to easily track your pending claim.

• Track your HSA investments. Convenient charts, yearly tracking numbers, and instant status updates. It’s your money—manage it like a pro!

• Make a payment easily with our secure bill pay option. Direct a distribution from your bank account, report a lost or stolen card, change payee information, and much more.

• Plan for upcoming expenses with a convenient, customized chart of your prior year’s expenses. Use this handy tool when allocating FSA and HSA money for an upcoming plan year.

• And more! Simply submit medical expenses mileage, view debit card claims processing, monitor claims by family members, and much more!

Whew! That’s a lot of powerful benefits management tools at your fingertips—and that’s the Advantage Administrators’ Benefits Mobile App! It’s no wonder the mobile app has received two 2019 Mobile Star Awards™ for innovation and excellence in mobile healthcare benefits management.

If you’re ready to get started, check out the app on the App Store or Google Play. Or, if you have any questions about our app, or your benefits, contact Advantage Administrators today or visit our website.

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