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Help Your Employees Prepare for Open Enrollment

Help Your Employees Prepare for Open Enrollment

Open enrollment can be a stressful time for your employees, especially when it hits at the same time as the holidays, and this year, in the midst of a global pandemic.

Take a deep breath and relax- Advantage Administrators is here to help you and your employees navigate the open enrollment process, whether it be in person or virtual.

Here are a few ideas to make your open enrollment process seamless.






Start early

Don’t spring open enrollment on your staff after the enrollment period has already begun. Instead, start sending out emails about a month in advance to let everyone know that it’s time to start thinking about the benefits they’d like to enroll in for next year.

In these emails, include brief information about available plans and benefits, and link out to more information so your employees can continue their research on their own.


Provide information in one place

Gather all of your open enrollment resources and publish them in one place that your employees can access- such as an intranet site. Include downloadable pdfs, explanatory videos, links to additional information, and anything else that may be helpful.

Your Advantage Administrators representative can provide you with these materials upon request.



Designate a Contact

Choose one or two people to be the point people for open enrollment questions. This might be HR staff and/or your Advantage Administrators representative. Make sure all employees know who to direct their questions to and ensure that they have the appropriate contact information for those people.


Keep up the Momentum

Don’t stop after open enrollment is over. Continue to communicate with your employees regarding health insurance and benefits opportunities throughout the year. This keeps employee benefits top of mind so that they will be more prepared when next year’s open enrollment rolls around.

For answers, resources, or more ways to make your open enrollment process simple, contact Advantage Administrators.

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