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Mobile App Updates

Mobile App Updates

Anyone with an HSA or FSA through Advantage Administrators has access to our mobile app, which makes it easy to check your balance, submit receipts, and manage your investments.

Recently, we made updates to our app to make it even easier to manage and monitor your plan. Here are some of the new features you can take advantage of the next time you log on:





Access Receipts

You can now  use the Consumer Portal to access receipts uploaded through the mobile app. This will allow you to select up to four receipts that were previously uploaded to use to file a claim, provide documentation, repay a claim, create an expense, or link an expense.


Display Original Distribution for Adjustment Contribution

For HSA holders, we’ve added a new Original Transaction section on the Consumer Portal. This section shows the original distribution related to an adjustment contribution.


View and Modify HSA Investments

Now, you can view your investments balance, cash balance, and current elections for each fund’s current portfolio. If you use auto investments, you can also view your auto investment transfer threshold.


View Brokerage Account Balance

If you use a broker with your HSA investments, you can view your brokerage balance in the Details section on the HSA Plan Details page.


Display Visa Mandate for Pending Transactions

We’ve added a reminder to the Account Details that pending debit card transaction amounts may vary from final settlement amounts.


Transaction Monitoring

You can now add multi-factor authentication (MFA) for high risk mobile transactions including:

  • Requesting a distribution
  • Changing a username or password
  • Reporting a lost or stolen debit card

If you choose to enable MFA, these activities will prompt you to answer your security questions correctly before you can proceed.



These updates will allow you to use our app and Consumer Portal more easily and securely. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the mobile app, please contact Advantage Administrators today.

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