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Talent Acquisition in a Changing World

Talent Acquisition in a Changing World

An everchanging world can present new and unexpected challenges. Today more than ever, job seekers have more opportunities for flexible work environments and schedules. In the past, employees would often work a traditional 9-5 job Monday through Friday. But today, individuals are looking for job flexibility whether that be freedom to work whenever and wherever they want or through benefits offered. Employers need to be adaptable in times of change to stay relevant.

Staying Current

Even though more and more jobs are being created the unemployment rate has stayed the same for four consecutive months. Job seekers have an advantage in the current market. Hiring managers are having to change the way they attract potential employees. Many times, a candidate may have multiple offers at one time. Hiring managers can tip the odds in their favor if the business offers competitive benefits and wages. Benefits and salary can influence a candidate’s decision to accept or decline an offer. That is why it is important to stay competitive and up to date with current demands and trends.

It is vital for recruiters and hiring managers to change the way they seek employees. Being creative and thinking outside the box will attract quality talent. One way to do this is by creating relationships with job seekers before they are even looking for a new position.

Evaluate Processes

Recruiters need to take a step back and look at their processes through a consumer’s lens and determine what is working, what is not working and what can be improved upon. Candidates want to know what a company stands for and values most. Candidates look for businesses that mirror their own beliefs and values.

Talent acquisition is more than finding a candidate with matching skills to a job description. It is about finding a person that encompasses what the business wants and what they need to continue to grow. In order to do this businesses, you need to:

  • Implement a hiring process that is engaging, welcoming and effortless to maneuver
  • Streamline procedures to make the hiring process easier, faster and more efficient for both internal and external candidates
  • Assess current benefits and determine if there are better options available
  • Encourage all members of the business to spread the word about the company and the opportunities that are available


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