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Choosing a Benefits Administrator: What to Look For

Choosing a Benefits Administrator: What to Look For

If you own or run a business, the benefits plan you choose can have a big impact on the success of your organization. Why? Because more and more, employees are looking at the types of healthcare, retirement, and other benefits that you offer, comparing it against options from other potential employers—and making decisions about where to work based on that evaluation. Employees who felt satisfied with their benefits had the highest loyalty in a recent employee trend survey conducted by MetLife.

Clearly, employees are looking for a quality benefits plan. So, what can you do to select the right plan for your business? The benefits experts at Advantage Administrators are here to help with tips and to-dos for you to consider when reviewing your next benefits plan.


Make it Easy

Smartphones are an important part of our everyday lives, from how we check the weather to where we go to eat to how we communicate with each other. And your benefits plan is no different. With many different details to consider, your employees need a fast, simple way to keep track of their benefits. And Advantage Administrators has you covered: our Benefits Mobile App allows users to view their account activity, check their balances, file claims for their flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts, make payments, and much more! With all this power available at the tip of their fingers, your employees can get the answers they need, check items off their list, and move on with their days. Now that’s easy!


Provide Answers

When it comes to their benefits, your employees might have questions. But where can they find the answers? You can make them search—or your benefits administrator can make the information available to them, right at their fingertips. With qualified expense lists, goal calculators, blogs, and other resources, Advantage gives your employees the answers they need and helps them stay informed of relevant benefits changes. Working with a proactive administrator like Advantage, your employees don’t have to spend time searching for this information, keeping them on top of their benefits plan and, most important of all, satisfied.


Be Accessible

Any advisor can propose a plan, but Advantage Administrators goes the extra mile for you and your employees by providing superior customer service. That starts with our mindset: we’re here to help you efficiently and effectively administer your benefits plan and act as a resource for your employees when they have questions or concerns. That commitment goes beyond simply having a customer service line (at Advantage, we have real, live people that you know who are ready to answer your questions) and offering one-size-fits-all solutions (no two people are the same, and that’s why our benefits packages are customized to fit your employee’s needs). Your benefits administrator needs to offer a level of service that goes above and beyond, and at Advantage, we do.


Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

As an employer, you have a lot to worry about and your benefits administration doesn’t have to be one of them. Having an administrator that uses modern tools to help promptly and comprehensively process your team’s benefits can remove one more item from your daily worries. Advantage Administrators is committed to using the latest technology to provide an organized, secure way to offer employers the latest benefits options, answering employee questions, and giving them access to important resources and doing it all without taxing your time or requiring a mountain of paperwork. After all, your benefits administrator works for you, not the other way around.


Those are just a few of the many things to look for when searching for a benefits administrator. Remember: to make the best choice for your organization, you need the expertise of an experienced, knowledgeable benefits administrator. And that’s Advantage Administrators! We invite you to give us a call or visit our website today. We’ll help you select a plan that’s customized to the needs of your business—and your employees. And that will make everyone happy!

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